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Corrections Off-Line Education Platform

The WiderNet Project is in the process of developing an off-line education platform for incarcerated individuals, very similar to the eGranary. The Corrections Off-Line Education Platform, or COEP, is an off-line digital information and education platform that will serve incarcerated individuals, juveniles in treatment and detention centers, community centers, low-income housing complexes, rural communities, and schools that lack adequate Internet access. This platform will provide a low-cost way to deliver millions of educational resources and the tools for creating new, local content.

WiderNet@UNC is currently working side-by-side with the WiderNet Project to assist in developing COEP. Once developed fully, COEP will demonstrate the capacity of an off-line information delivery system to improve education programs in all US correctional facilities and beyond. An extensive and complete package with best-of-class materials that will serve the corrections system for years to come, is being developed with an emphasis on tutorials, certifications, computer-based job search training, Web design, GED, ESL and life-skill building. Customized interfaces are being developed as well to make it easier for educators and inmates to locate the right materials. Once fully developed, this system will be easily deployable at every correctional facility in the nation.

The COEP will offer a safe, fast, and secure way to provide education and information in an off-line manner. For the end user, the COEP, with its search engine, catalog, and wealth of information, will function exactly like the Internet; hence all the skills gained using the COEP will translate effortlessly to the Internet and UNC students will be directly behind it all.