Meet the Staff

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Cliff Missen

Cliff has over 25 years professional experience in computers, networking, multimedia design, and applications development. At the WiderNet Project, he combines this with his long-term interest in international development. His first visit to Africa was with a medical team in 1982, and he continues to teach and promote appropriate water well drilling technology through the U.S. non–profit organization Wellspring Africa. “I want to see the day when African technicians – so steeped in understanding of ICT technology – bend and twist these tools to create appropriate and affordable communications systems for the most rural villages in Africa.”
Jaeyoung Bae

Amanda Baker
Digital Librarian
 Amanda is a Masters student at UNC studying Information Science with a
concentration in Data Analytics. She currently is working on a project
to help develop rubrics for Open Access Textbooks.
Dottie Blyth
Nathan Cho
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Joseph Cox
Francophone Coordinator
Joseph is a senior volunteering for WiderNet’s communications team. He likes to run, read, write, and ramble.

Jaquan Dozier
Database Programmer
Jaquan is a senior undergraduate student pursuing an Information Science Major and a double minor in Computer Science & Studio Arts. He loves to draw in his spare time.

Sayan Dutta
Java Programmer
 Sayan is a freshman at UNC and a planned Computer Science and Chemistry major. He enjoys listening to all kinds of music and playing with computers.

Anna Grissino

Office Manager
 Anna is a junior transfer student and currently pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Linguistics. Her interests involve volunteering at local animal shelters and writing.

Marwa Jaafar
Digital Librarian
Marwa is a junior Psychology major pursuing a BSIS and Cognitive Science minor. She loves yoga, her cats, and generally being around others and doing what she can to make others’ lives easier. Her academic interests revolve around some of the intersections between Information Science and Neuroscience/Cognitive science.
Emily Kim

Mitali Lebeck

Mitali is a volunteer database programmer at WiderNet. She received her BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Mitali has worked at the University of Wisconsin and at Duke University. She has volunteered with the Chapel Hill City Schools and with Caring House in Durham, NC.

Vincent Lu
PHP Programmer
Vincent is a junior undergraduate double majoring in Information Science and Mathematics. He loves playing soccer, Taekwondo, and Rubik’s Cube.
Connor Luckey-Smith

Bela Patel

Digital Librarian
 Bela is a first year student majoring in exercise and sport science on pre-med tract. In her free time she loves hiking, dancing, binge-watching Netflix, and volunteering. She hopes to graduate as a Buckley Public Service Scholar.

Audrey Sharp

Android Developer
Audrey is a senior pursuing her BS in computer science. She enjoys listening to music and playing soccer.

Joseph Son

PHP Programmer
Joseph is a sophomore undergraduate student pursuing a Mathematical Decision Science B.S. and Computer Science B.S. He aspires to leverage data science techniques to develop software that can help people. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and basketball.

Steven Wu
PHP Programmer
 Steven is a senior undergraduate student double majoring in Computer Science and Information Science. In his free time, he enjoys dancing and weight lifting.

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