Going the Last Mile

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Information Access for Underserved Populations

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Fall 2018
Tuesday/Thursday 11:00am – 12:15pm

Course: INLS 539, 3 Credits.  Graduate and advanced undergraduates.

Cliff Missen, Director of WiderNet@UNC
School of Information and Library Science

Over half of the world’s population cannot access the Internet. About 15% of Americans lack access to the Internet. Millions of people in prison need basic education but cannot use the Internet. Even when connected, people in remote areas often lack the bandwidth to use multimedia-rich Web offerings. In this course we will investigate the special challenges of providing information services to marginalized populations in an increasingly digital world. We’ll examine the economic, political, and infrastructural barriers as well as learn about innovative efforts to deliver digital information to the bulk of the world’s people who cannot afford conventional technologies.