Become a Digital Librarian

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This page is for people who are helping WiderNet catalog record and portals. As a librarian, they will gather content for portals and ingest the content from a spreadsheet into the HostIndex database. They will need to access Confluence for training, P Drive for documentation, and HostIndex.

Guide for New Librarians                   

WiderNet HostIndex

Content Management

Create a spreadsheet to gather resource points in the eGranary with the following fields:

  • Name- Can be the title of the page, image, media, etc.
  • URL- The URL of the resource.
  • Contact- Find an email to contact or give the URL of a contact form.
  • Description- A simple description of the resource; can be copied from the website page.
  • License- Record the type of license: Copyright, Creative commons, Public Domain (IMPORTANT- when in doubt, always assume copyright and mark it as such. Better safe than sorry.)
  • License URL- Give the URL of the license if it is Creative Commons, Public Domain, or GNU.
  • Permission Status- List if we are waiting for a letter (waiting), Permission was granted or permission was denied.
  • Letter Date- Note when you sent the letter, we will use this to track responses.
  • Category– A tag like descriptor.
  • Type– This describes what kind of resource, like is it a collection of resource, an essay, a video, etc.
  • Format– This describes how the browser sees the resource, whether it is a PDF, video, html article, etc.
  • Notes- This can be used to log any issues, concerns, or interesting data about the resource.

A spreadsheet template for resource points can be found here.