Corrections Off-Line Education Platform

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Corrections Off-Line Education Platform

WiderNet@UNC is building a secure and consistent off-line information platform for providing high-quality education to incarcerated and recently-released individuals. The Corrections Off-Line Education Platform (COEP) is now installed in over 25 prisons in Iowa, Texas, Washington, and New Jersey.

Over the last 16 years, WiderNet@UNC has developed a 35 million resource off-line digital library, tapping into Open Educational Resources like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and MIT’s Blossoms as well as garnering permission to copy Web sites from thousands of authors. The COEP provides users with both highly organized information and the ability to browse that information on an Internet-like interface.

We’ve worked with prison educators, librarians, and administrators for eight years to organically build solutions that address their needs. It delivers abundant resources for teaching English as a Second Language, GED preparation, high school completion, post-secondary courses, life skills, and vocational training.


More information about COEP can be found at the WiderNet site.