Downloading the Ebola Pocket Library

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Get the Ebola Pocket Library…

If you have a strong Internet connection, you can download the 12+GB Ebola Pocket Library from our servers.

1. Download the Ebola Pocket Library from your browser (slowest)


2. Download Using your FTP Client Software (faster, more reliable)

    • Point your FTP client (we recommend FileZilla) to
    • Select the file “”


3. Download using BitTorrent  (under development.)


…Give the Ebola Pocket Library!

Once you have a copy, you can copy it between chips, hard drives, and your computer’s internal storage.

Software tools for making fast, reliable copies to micro chips and thumb drives are included in the collection’s “Portal Utilities” folder.

Consider providing copies to others.  If you send us your contact information, we can post it on our Web site so people in your area can contact you to make a copy.

Did you get a copy?  Did you make copies for others?  Please let us know, so we can track and report to contributors.

Just send an email to