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This Ebola Pocket Library collection is dedicated to the local health care workers in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mali, and Nigeria who put themselves in the line of danger every day simply by going to their jobs.  They may lack infrastructure, remuneration, protective gear, and training… but there is no lack of heroism and heart.

May every one of them be blessed.

It also is dedicated to the volunteers and specialists who have flocked to the affected countries from Europe, Asia, Cuba, and the U.S.  While politicians and pundits cower in fear, these heroes pick up their tools and run towards the flames.

We’d also like to express our profound thanks to Herb and Janice Wilson of Iowa City, IA.  Their generous support of the WiderNet Project has made it possible for our small nonprofit to grow and promote education in underserved areas of the world.  Without their support, breaking away from our day-to-day activities to create this collection would have been a hardship.

Janice and Herb Wilson

Janice and Herb Wilson