Organizations Contributing to the Ebola Pocket Library

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Organization In the Pocket Library
Center for Disease Control and Prevention v. 0.8
Khan Academy – Ebola Resources v. 0.8
Ebola Communications Network v. 0.8
World Health Organization (WHO) v. 0.8
Wikipedia v. 0.8
Wikihow v. 0.8
World Food Programme v. 0.8
Johns Hopkins v. 0.8
Carter Center v. 0.8
Doctors Without Borders v. 1.0
Women of Hope International v. 1.0
Public Health Emergency v. 1.0
U.S. Department of State – IIP Digital v. 1.0

We want this information to spread faster than the disease.

Hence we’ve sought extra permissions for the Ebola Pocket Library, beyond those of our eGranary Digital Library.

According to Sherry Lochhaas, the eGranary’s Chief Digital Librarian, “The eGranary is a mix of open content and copyrighted material.  Normally when we build the eGranary, we get permission to copy and distribute web sites. Users are NOT permitted to make copies of the entire eGranary. With the Ebola Pocket Library, we’ve asked authors to allow users to make copies.”

So please copy this collection as widely as possible!