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Bloomsbury is a publishing company that has an open text section on their website. Many titles are supposed to have links but don’t. There is also not a lot of variety and there are no descriptions to go along with the texts. It is just a list that they add to whenever, with no way to search. Essentially, it is a page on a publisher’s site with some pamphlets they decided to let people have for free.

Website Category Rating (1-5 Stars) Comments
Ease of Use 2stars It is pretty easy to use, however using the resources is a little difficult. There are not traditional places to download or read through the material, only a sliding bar that is hard to control and you have to click through pages or chapters in the material.
Truly Free 2stars All the “books” are free through the website, although on every page they ask you to sign up.
Quality 2stars The quality of the books is poor. There are not real subjects in these materials.
Offering 2stars The offerings are not good. Some books are listed with no links, and there is no clue as to what the material is about until you click on it.
Books Category Rating (1-5 Stars) Comments
Size Appropriate 1star None of the books are an appropriate size for a full text.
Proofreading Picture1 The books do appear decently written by people who are knowledgeable in their fields.
Reviewed 3stars There are sections for reviews of the material, which is done by professors.
Supplemental Material
(answers to problems, glossary, index)
3stars There are figures and bibliographies attached to the books that are supposed to aid in reading, but their location makes it hard to determine whether they are worth it.

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