American Institute of Mathematics (AIM)

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The American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) was founded in 1994 with the mission to “to advance mathematical knowledge through collaboration, to broaden participation in the mathematical endeavor, and to increase the awareness of the contributions of the mathematical sciences to society” (AIM). AIM has a collection of 25 collegiate math books that they have approved for use. All are peer reviewed by their Editorial Board, which is made of college professors. They do reviews based on evaluation criteria such as whether it currently used in a class (other than the author’s), the licensing on the book, and whether the book has a supporting community where people can ask questions and make corrections. They encourage the use of open textbooks and evaluate as they receive suggestions.

Website Category Rating (1-5 Stars) Comments
Ease of Use Picture1 Website is simple and to the point, and the open textbook initiative is easy to find. Often it takes more than a few clicks to get to the book because it is on an outside site. Books separated by type of math.
Truly Free All the books are freely downloadable, as is part of the evaluation criteria.
Quality All of the books have sufficient amounts of supplemental material, indexes, etc.
Offering The books offered are good and are truly books that are to be used alone.
Books Category Rating (1-5 Stars) Comments
Size Appropriate The books are size-appropriate for math materials.
Proofreading 5stars Books are well proofread and many are available for correction in case someone finds an error.
Reviewed 5stars All the books chosen are peer reviewed.
Supplemental Material
(answers to problems, glossary, index)
5stars All of the books have indexes, answers to problems, and examples.



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