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OER Commons is a site founded in 2007 that compiles open educational resources from around the internet. They do have an easy way to find specifically textbooks through their search, and there are resources for multiple levels from grade school to college and adult education. However, some require log-ins and others are meant to be used in conjunction with other resources so using the book by itself may not be beneficial. It is also hard to determine which will offer a free book and which will not, since all of the links lead to a third-party website. Finding a book that will go straight to a download pdf page is difficult.

While there are many resources, it is hard to sift through the resources that will be best for free use, and many are from the CK-12 website, which requires a login. I also found some broken links to resources and some resources link to items in the internet archive, most of which are excessively old because they are pieces out of copyright. If you can find a good source, there are some useful books.

Website Category Rating (1-5 Scale) Comments
Ease of Use 3stars The website is pretty straightforward, and it is not hard to find the textbooks. They are all separated by the licensing listed on the books, and the pages load quickly. There is a lot of clicking that has to be done in order to get to the pages with the PDFs of the books.
Truly Free 2stars Some of the books are free, but a lot come from the CK-12 website, which requires a login.
Quality 3stars The quality of books is good overall, many have solutions manuals and the website allows for users to rate the items for effectiveness.
Offering 2stars There are a broad array of books for all levels, and many are useful. However, most of the site is not for textbooks but for other educational resources.
Books Category Rating (1-5 Scale) Comments
Size Appropriate 3stars Majority of books are the correct size for their subject.
Proofreading Picture1 Books appear well-proofed and made by people knowledgeable in the field.
Reviewed 2stars Books can be reviewed by users for effectiveness, but not all books were reviewed by outside sources.
Supplemental Material (answers to problems, glossary, index, etc.) 3stars Most books included answers to problems and an index to more easily find subjects within the work.

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