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Open Textbook Library, run by the University of Minnesota, is an aggregator that is focused on books that are quality and from other high-quality initiatives like Saylor and independent university professors. My favorite thing about this site is the ease of selecting a book and finding the PDF. The majority of the links go straight to the PDF itself, not to the third site that it might be housed on. All of the books appear full and with things like links to chapters within the book and references. There are a variety of materials, all meant for college-level learning. While there are review aspects and a rubric, few materials have been reviewed by outside sources. The ones that have been reviewed were done by college professors and seem to be full and honest critiques.

Overall, this site is a good choice for picking books that are easily adoptable into a classroom and for quickly accessing the PDF versions of open texts. The material is fairly limited at the moment, but there is at least a few texts for a variety of subjects. It is a much easier way to find the material from Saylor and other sources that may be more hidden on the actual sites.

Website Category Rating (1-5 Stars) Comments
Ease of Use The website is very minimalist and straightforward, very simple to use.
Truly Free All of the books are free online, while there are options to buy the printed book.
Quality Picture1 All the books are good, from reputable sources but few reviews.
Offering Picture1 There are some areas that can be expanded upon, which I believe will happen as the project expands.
Books Category Rating (1-5 Stars) Comments
Size Appropriate The books are size-appropriate for their subject matter. Math and science books are hundreds of pages with lots of problems.
Proofreading Books appear well proofed. Many list contributors in the front that were consulted in proofing.
Reviewed 3stars Few books are reviewed, but the reviews listed are good.
Supplemental Material
(answers to problems, glossary, index)
Picture1 Many books have supplemental material either in the book or in another PDF.

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