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Wikibooks is a WikiMedia project started in 2003 that puts open textbooks on the web. However, anyone can edit or add to them at any time. At the moment there are 2,695 books with a total of 48,739 pages. There are books in almost any subject from math to languages and books are easy to find because of facets in searching. Also because of this, not all of the books are finished, and those are listed as well. While the resource is good, the uncertainty of multiple people editing books as well as the comparison of those which are finished and those which are not, make it a more difficult resource to truly use in a practical manner.

Website Category Rating (1-5 Stars) Comments
Ease of Use Picture1 The site is pretty easy to use, you can look through books by subject then see what is completed and what is not. Downloading the book to PDF can be time-consuming, but is available.
Truly Free 5stars The books are completely free.
Quality 3stars The book quality is decent, although most books are not completed and the length of many is questionable.
Offering 3stars There are books for all levels and all subjects, but because most are not completed, it is not great with offerings.
Books Category Rating (1-5 Stars) Comments
Size Appropriate 3stars Some of the books are the appropriate sizes.
Proofreading Picture1 Books are proofread and written well.
Reviewed 3stars There are no places for public review, but people can edit the books and they are reviewed by Wiki staff.
Supplemental Material
(answers to problems, glossary, index)
3stars Some books include problems and solutions.

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