Past staff

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Damola Ajao


Damola is a volunteer programmer working on the catalog index and involved in upgrading the current version of the software. He is working towards a degree in Information Science. He also enjoys reading comics.

Sayan Dutta

Sayan is a freshman at UNC studying Computer Science and Chemistry. As a Java programmer at WiderNet he works on the backend of the eGranary. In his free time he enjoys music and video games.

Varun Srivastava

Varun Srivastava is a current sophomore at UNC studying Computer Science and Business. As a Java and Android developer for WiderNet, he helps develop a mobile implementation of the eGranary library. Raised in Boston, he spends his free time watching the Celtics or playing basketball.

Jamari Cortez

Jamari is a senior from Staten Island, New York double majoring in Information Science and Communications with a concentration in media and technology. He is the former president of the Mu Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and enjoys writing and playing video games in his free time.

Catherine Baker

Prison Library Researcher

Catherine is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is double majoring in psychology and religious studies with a concentration in Jewish studies, and hopes to go into clinical psychology.

Seamus Holland

Seamus is a junior at UNC studying computer science and philosophy. As an android developer for WiderNet, he is working on a mobile implementation of the eGranary software.”



Laura Ashcraft


Laura is currently a graduate candidate at the University of North Carolina in the MSIS track. Her goal is to become a Database Administrator as well as developer and designer. Her strengths tend towards design and her humanities background firmly grounds her in understanding “audience” or “user” perspectives.

image1Esther Chun

Esther Chun is a senior at the School of Media and Journalism. Her focus is public relations and she is responsible for the publicity and communication needs of WiderNet@UNC. She enjoys coffee over tea and dogs over cats.

FoxKevinKevin Fox
Volunteer Librarian

Kevin is a volunteer digital librarian at WiderNet. He graduated from Elon University with a degree in professional writing in 2010. He is currently a student at the University of North Carolina pursuing his Master’s degree in library science and graduating in 2014. He hopes to one day work in an academic library.

Ga Kay

Ga Kay Gao
Office Manager

Ga Kay is a sophomore currently pursuing an Information Science degree in the School of Information and Library Science at UNC Chapel Hill.

Ashton Hicks
Ashton Hicks

Ashton is a sophomore and is pursuing a degree in Mathematics.

Niky Kruvilla

Niky has a degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Madras, India and a MSc in Information Systems from the University of Sheffield, UK. She has previously worked as a digital marketing account manager at TESCO and as an account strategist at Google.

Ariel Long

Ariel is a first year undergraduate with an undecided major. She is from Seagrove, North Carolina, and is thinking about becoming a librarian. She manages the Widernet@UNC Sharepoint.

Katie McNeirney
Course Developer

Katie is a first-year graduate student in the Master of Science in Library Science program. She is currently working on help pages for the eGranary as well as creating a Moodle course focused on computer basics and how to use the eGranary.

Gloria Mensah

Gloria is a sophomore with a Business Administration major. She is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and is currently the clerk at Widernet@UNC. She manages the Widernet@UNC Sharepoint and makes sure the websites is up-to-date.

Greg Sanders
Database Programmer

Greg is a first-year undergraduate pursuing a Computer Science Major. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and is largely self-taught. He loves to write software in his free time.

YunchuPeter Wang
Java Programmer

Peter is a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill, and he is a Computer Science Major.

Mea Warren

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Mea is a first-year graduate student in the Master of Science in Library Science program at the School of Information and Library Science. Hailing from Marietta, GA, she is trying to become a librarian and is using WiderNet@UNC as a means of exposure. She is currently doing research on open source textbook initiatives to see which resources would be useful to follow and add to the eGranary. To see what she is currently doing, check out her blog post.

pro_photo       Mark Webster
Research Assistant

Mark is a senior Philosophy major currently engaged in portal construction and outreach for the WiderNet program. Specifically, he is creating a Philosophy portal for the eGranary. From Socrates to Hume, sophistry to new age mysterianism, Mark strives to preserve the teachings of both ancient and modern philosophers for new audiences around the world.

WiderNet-Head-Shot-for-Bio-210x300       Steven Wright
Staff Writer

Attending UNC-Chapel Hill from Sanford, N.C., Steven is a sophomore currently studying to receive his Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism & Mass Communication with a minor in Creative Writing. He is currently working on promoting global awareness for The WiderNet Project’s main objective of improving digital communications in developing nations and communities in need of educational resources. In addition to WiderNet@UNC, Steven is also a staff writer for The Daily Tar Heel, as well as a monthly columnist for Blue & White Magazine.

Tim Wu

A Computer Science major from Greensboro, NC, Tim is a sophomore studying in the School of Information and Library Science at UNC Chapel Hill.

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Joseph Cox
Francophone Coordinator

Joseph is a senior volunteering for WiderNet’s communications team. He likes to run, read, write, and ramble.

Anna Grissino

Office Manager

Anna is a junior transfer student and currently pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Linguistics. Her interests involve volunteering at local animal shelters and writing.

Marwa Jaafar
Digital Librarian

Marwa is a junior Psychology major pursuing a BSIS and Cognitive Science minor. She loves yoga, her cats, and generally being around others and doing what she can to make others’ lives easier. Her academic interests revolve around some of the intersections between Information Science and Neuroscience/Cognitive science.

Mitali Lebeck


Mitali is a volunteer database programmer at WiderNet. She received her BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Mitali has worked at the University of Wisconsin and at Duke University. She has volunteered with the Chapel Hill City Schools and with Caring House in Durham, NC.

Bela Patel

Digital Librarian

Bela is a first year student majoring in exercise and sport science on pre-med tract. In her free time she loves hiking, dancing, binge-watching Netflix, and volunteering. She hopes to graduate as a Buckley Public Service Scholar.

Amanda Baker
Digital Librarian

Amanda is a Masters student at UNC studying Information Science with a concentration in Data Analytics. She currently is working on a project
to help develop rubrics for Open Access Textbooks.